Alan Blim

Flow and Technique (Alan Blim)


Muscle programming though repetitions is important to have resources to play with. This speaks for technical training parallel to the simple play out of which the creativity and performance quality arises. However, I see with kids that the muscle programming can also

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Just Keep Juggling (Alan Blim)


Durch das Jonglieren kann man ganz schön in der Welt herum kommen. Seit ich 1986 meine ersten Auftritte hatte, habe ich in etwa 15 Europäischen Ländern, Japan und Brasilien Shows gemacht oder Jonglieren unterrichtet. Ich war immer dankbar und empfand

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Notes on Learning (Alan Blim)


It is not just the learned material and level of security and ease therein which is improvable but also the quality and rate at which we learn. It is this ‚rate and efficiency of learning‘ which I will look at in this text. I speak from my experience and wish only to share. There are no patent methods of learning …

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